Directors and Officers

Our Directors and Officers

W. Stancil Starnes

Vice President
M. James Gorrie

Marc Bryant Tyson

Secretary and Assistant Treasurer
T.J. Willings

Executive Director
Michelle McIntyre

2019 Fourth Avenue North
Suite 101
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 226-8830
Fax: (205) 226-8816

Richard E. Anthony
Jeffrey S. Beall
Thomas R. Campbell
Hartwell Davis, Jr.
William Anthony Davis, III
Joe Dean, Jr.
Jerry G. Duncan
S. Perry Given, Jr.
Mike Kolen
Benny M. LaRussa, Jr.
Thomas H. Lowder
Thomas G. Luckie
Walter F. Morris
R. William Pradat, Jr.
William B. Reed
Fred Renneker, III
Grantland Rice, III
Roy W. (Robbie) Robertson
Jeff Stone
Michael D. Thompson
Edgar WeldenEx-Officio
Sims Garrison
John M. WilliamsLegal Counsel
William S. Pritchard, III

The game is raising money.
The opposing team is disease.